Oil tank replacements

Oil tank replacements

We will help you consider all the options for oil tank replacements, draining and removing your old one, install & test the new one. We have solutions for all requirements and have a lorry to deliver to those narrow spaces Jersey is famous for! We promise customers minimum disruption, a clean site when we leave & a quick installation (usually 4-6 hours) so your heating will be switched of for the shortest possible time. Read our blog post on 'Oil tanks: costs & prevention' here: http://dbmaloreyltd.co.uk/oiltankleaks/ (under 'News & Tips'). You can also view our oil tank adverts via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DBMaloreyLtd/ (@DBMaloreyLtd)

  • Minimum disruption

  • No mess left on site

  • Help you decide on the very best tank for your needs

  • Pump out the contents of your old tank into a temporary holding tank

  • Adjust the base to accommodate the new tank

  • Safely install the new tank

  • Connect it with the correct fittings and guage

  • Pump back the oil from the holding tank

  • Remove and dispose of your old tank under licence

  • Fix uneven tanks with a Tigerloop device

  • Install remote fuel level sensor (Oil Watchman)

  • We have narrow vehicles for narrow gate/space deliveries!

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