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Jun 26, 2017

Leaks leaks leaks!

Oil tanks leaks – it’s time to do your maintenance!

Summer has finally arrived in Jersey. It’s a great time to venture outdoors and it’s the perfect time to do some maintenance ready for winter.

We really recommend having your heating oil tank and heating oil system inspected now or replaced.

If you were already planning on having a technician come to your house to refill your tank, then you could take advantage of this by having them do a full inspection.

By doing this, you will ensure your family stays safe and warm during the winter months.

If your heating oil tank leaks…

  • it can be extremely expensive to clean up
  • it may not necessarily be covered by your household insurance
  • you can receive heavy fines and decontamination work

    But it  can be avoided by simply maintaining your heating oil system.

Be aware of the costs and risks of heating oil tanks and spills. And do whatever is necessary to prevent it from happening.

So what preventative measures can you take to make sure that you don’t ever have to deal with a spill or leaks?

Check your tank for:

  • Sun bleaching or cracks
  • Rust
  • Obvious signs of leakage or an unusual smell of oil
  • An integral bund full of water or oil

Check your pipework for:

  • Rusty or corroded feed pipes, couplings or valves
  • Rusty/buried oil filter bowl
  • Any holes in the catch pit
  • A catch pit full of water or rubbish
  • A sight gauge that has been knocked or is not properly secured to the tank

By regularly checking your tank and pipework, you can help prevent an oil spill or leak. It is important that any spills are dealt with appropriately to prevent further contamination, potential fines and rising costs.

If you believe that you might have a heating oil leak, please call us on 01534 864383/07797 746386.

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