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Dec 12, 2017

Heating engineer vs plumber – what’s the difference?

Heating engineer or plumber… who do you call?

We thought we’d help explain what we do. And the difference between these two things (although we are trained professionals  in both fields!)

A little history first

In Rome in ancient times plumbers worked with lead piping, hence the name. It originates from the Latin word ‘Plumbum’, meaning lead.

We don’t use lead in modern plumbing pipes anymore. But in some homes they still exist and they are removed by qualified plumbers and replaced.

The modern plumber is a craftsmen. We work on dry and wet pipes as well as on heating systems.

So what is a heating engineer?

Heating engineers solely work on the heating of a building.

We install pipework, fixtures, fitting, systems and technology that together provide heat to a structure.

We maintain these systems and innovate creative solutions in this space.

At DB Malorey we work in domestic (residential), commercial and industrial properties.

We do boiler servicing and repairs, installations and replacements.

Some plumbers like us are really experienced in heating solutions.

And there you have it. The difference between a plumber and a heating engineer. In a nutshell.

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